Here at The Wandering Bride, our focus is on making more time for the good stuff; the wind in your hair, beer before noon, dancing in the rain kind of good stuff! We believe life is too short to spend your time not having fun and enjoying the life you were made to live. So what sets your soul on fire? When do you feel the most free and truly happy? Now we know there are times when we all have to do what we have to do, and it isn’t even remotely amusing or fun, but why should planning your wedding day be one of those things? We believe the magic of your wedding day should be celebrated from the very second you say ‘Yes!’

I started The Wandering Bride as a way for me to bring my passion & experience in event services together with my love for a great party. As a retired Sorority girl and cocktail waitress/bartender, I learned the in’s & outs of how to throw one hell of a party. I wanted a way to help couples have more fun while wedding planning instead of going through all these daunting tasks together. I had seen it too many times and knew there had to be a better way! So The Wandering Bride was born.

The Wandering Bride strives to bring the party along on the planning ride from the very start! By customizing the planning process based on you, our individual couple’s wants & dreams for your day, we challenge ourselves to bring the focus back to how wedding planning should be, more fun! Our goal is to continuously incorporate exciting and unique experiences into your wedding planning process that speak to you personally as a couple, and will therefore make the planning process enjoyable, not stressful. Through these experiences, we also strive to discover and incorporate the wedding traditions that are important to you – not the ones that you feel you have to do. There are no wedding rules anymore and The Wandering Bride is your ultimate rule-breaking wedding adventurer!

Wedding planning can be a fun journey, when guided right, and The Wandering Bride is here to be your ultimate tour guide! Mixology Monday anyone? So let us ask you again, what sets your soul on fire?

Let the Adventure Begin!


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