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Full Wedding Planning: From personalized venue scouting in Yosemite and surrounding areas to vendor wrangling and budget mastery, we’ll handle all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the champagne toasts and cake tastings, because, priorities! Full planning is here to handle your adventure wedding planning for you so you can simply make decisions and enjoy a fully guided planning journey. 

We don’t just plan weddings, we design experiences. Let us bring your adventurous spirit to life with a wedding design that reflects your unique love story. Think lights strung through towering pines, a tablescape worthy of an episode of Bridgerton…what’s your dream? The possibilities are endless! 

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Wedding reception tables

Already knee-deep in planning but looking for a pro to tie it all together? We’ll swoop in and handle all the last-minute details, vendor communication, and on-the-day logistics. Consider us your personal wedding day assistant, ensuring everything runs smoothly so you can simply show up and celebrate your love story! 

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Here are some advantages of working with The Wandering Bride, as told by our amazing couples: 

 extrapolated from real client reviews

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented: Clients rave about our ability to handle logistics seamlessly, taking the stress off them and their families. 
  • Excellent communication: We are praised for being responsive, proactive, and keeping clients informed throughout the planning process. 
  • Calm and reassuring demeanor: Clients feel comfortable and confident knowing we are in charge! Clients consistently mention feeling relaxed and reassured throughout the planning process and on the wedding day. 
  • Experienced and knowledgeable: We have extensive experience planning weddings in Yosemite and the surrounding area.
  • Creative and resourceful: We can help couples bring their vision to life, even with last-minute changes or unexpected challenges.
  • Strong vendor relationships: We have built strong relationships with local vendors, ensuring smooth coordination and execution.
  • Listens attentively and respects client vision: We take the time to understand each couple’s unique needs and preferences.
  • Offers helpful suggestions and expertise: We provide guidance and recommendations while respecting client decisions. 
  • Flexible and adaptable: We can adjust our services to fit different budgets and wedding styles. 
  • Friendly, always upbeat & Positive, loves to enjoy the process with her couples, and very personable attitude to all.
  • LGBTQ-friendly with inclusive services.
  • We will always go above and beyond to ensure our client satisfaction! 

Overall, The Wandering Bride is highly recommended by past clients for their ability to create stress-free, personalized, and magical wedding experiences in Yosemite. 

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