How to Book a Wedding Planner That Makes You Feel Heard!

Gone are the days of the boring old same wedding!! Wedding traditions are now something most couples pick & choose from to create a wedding day (or weekend!) that is truly them. And truthfully, I encourage it! There are countless new age wedding trends and ideas that can also be incorporated into your day that it is important to find vendors that are open & willing to work on everything you want! 

To help with this, it is key to find a wedding planner/coordinator that helps you feel heard about what YOU truly want for your wedding day. There are so many choices out there nowadays that it can be hard to identify the right planner for you. But that is also a benefit because there are all types of planners & coordinators! So, I have put together my top 5 tips on how to find your Wedding Planner BFF, = WPBFF! Lol! 

How to Identify the Right Planner for YOU

  • You communicate well with them
  • You have shared values
  •  They match your aesthetic 
  • They offer the services and level of involvement that you need 
  • They can help connect you with the right vendors 

1. You communicate well with them 

This is #1 for a reason. Communication is everything with your wedding planner and will lead you to an easy planning time if done well. You should be able to tell right away if their communication styles match yours. You should be comfortable from the start and feel at ease about how you are communicating and the length of time it takes them to respond to you. Communication is key and should be easy with your planner! 

2. You have shared values 

When meeting with your potential planners, try evaluating if they value the same things that matter to you. Do they value time & communication as much as you do? Or is self-care important to you to help with stress? Are you traditional or nontraditional? Being on the same page about the big & small things from the start is a good indicator that you will be able to work with them efficiently throughout the planning & coordinating process. 

3. They match your aesthetic 

Think about your vision for your wedding day while looking at potential planner’s work. Have they done weddings similar? Or at your venue of choice? This help you gauge if they will be able to execute the design you envision as well as work easily with the other players of your day. 

4. They offer the services and level of involvement that you need 

Once you are able to communicate your vision, the right wedding planner will know the best people to tap into to help make that vision come to life. I always say that a good planner & coordinator is only as good as their rolodex of contacts & vendors! Your planner will be one of the best sources for other connections & vendors within the wedding industry and this should be a huge advantage to working with one as it will save you time & energy on sourcing the other players of your day. 

5. They can help connect you with the right vendors 

The right planner for you is able to offer you exactly what you need. Discuss what you need when first connecting with them and ask questions to assess if they are able to offer the exact services you need in planning & coordinating your day. Most planners offer a range of services from full wedding planning, partial planning, wedding design assistance, & day of coordination. 

Here at The Wandering Bride, we are all about making sure you feel heard & supported about your wedding day from the start! This is why we offer a range of involvement for your wedding and want to provide you with the services that will ease your stress and only help you enjoy your wedding day more! 

Happy Planning! 

xx Jess