Bride & Groom pour champagne into their champagne tower

Champagne Tower Secrets for a Stress-Free Wedding Day!

Looking for a way to add more fun and a touch of glam to your wedding day?! Jump on the champagne tower trend! Here I am giving away my champagne tower secrets for a stress-free wedding day! ✨🍾

I love any excuse to pop more bubbly!! And truly think there is nothing like the excitement of poppin’ a bottle and kicking off your wedding celebration than with a champagne tower! …Give me all the vintage Great Gatsby party vibes!! ✨

Here’s your How-To for complete Champagne Tower success:

1. Pick the Best Table!

Choose a table that is small but sturdy and set up in a location that no one will run into it or accidentally bump it. I think a 48-inch round, preferably wooden placed on cement, is the secret sauce for the right base. It can hold a really large tower too, so even your largest party tower can be displayed on this size table.

2. Choose the Right Glasses!

The vintage coupe is where it is at for champagne towers as the wide flat rim allows for easy and level stacking. No champagne flutes here! The glasses must all be the same size & height however or the tower will not work.

Even with rented glasses, of the exact same glass type, you may run into glasses that are not exactly the same or the same height. So, you need to go through them and take out the ones that are not the same size. Otherwise, your tower will not build right or be sturdy and will lead to a fall and ample broken glass. NOT fun! This is a huge secret to a successful champagne tower start that will set you up for a stress-free experience.

Start with how many glasses (or guests) you have and then how many tiers you want your tower to be. There will always be 1 glass on top followed by the row number, multiplied by itself, down to your largest row on the bottom. For instance:

Row 1 = 1×1=1 glass

Tier 2 = 2×2=4 glasses

Row 3 = 3×3=9 glasses

Tier 4 = 4×4=16 glasses

Row 5 = 5×5=25 glasses

Tier 6 = 6×6=36 glasses

Row 7 = 7×7=49 glasses

And on you go! It gets big fast though as this here equals 140 glasses total.

4. Build Your Tower!

Use your tier counts, starting with your bottom & largest row, to start your tower. The number of glasses per tier tell you exactly how many glasses to set up per row, and the 7×7 (or 6×6, etc.) outlines the box shape you are creating: 7 glasses per row with 7 rows total. Make sure to have your glasses touch all glasses that surround it, which keeps your square tight.

When ready, start your second tier on top of the first one with the base of your glass placed directly on top of where four glasses come together. You should be able to look down through your second-tier glass and see a diamond shape through it, formed by the bottom four tier cup edges. Just keep in mind that you want your glasses to be tight together so make sure as you build your tiers that the glasses are touching all glasses that surround it. Then build up to your top 1 glass tier!

I always have bottles prepped for easy service here, and definitely prepare for ample champagne bottles. One bottle of champagne will fill typically about 6-8 champagne coupes, depending on their size. Have your bottles prepped with all foil removed, from already chilled bottles, and hide them under your champagne tower table if the start time is close.

I recommend you take it a step further and even open majority of your bottle ahead of time and just have your start or “show” bottle unopened to give the full “Poppin’ Bottles” exciting start to your champagne tower.  Thus you are set for success when it comes time to filling your tower! Make sure to pour slowly to allow the champagne to fill the first glass and overflow into the next tier. Continue pouring your bottles until the very bottom tier begins to fill to almost full. Then grab a glass, always from the top tier, invite your guests to do the same, and Enjoy!

6. CHEERS!!! 🥂

These champagne tower secrets will set you up for a stress-free wedding day and ensure no spilled champagne on your day! 😉 I love helping couples with champagne towers on their day of. Even more I love the fact that they don’t have to worry about any of these small details on their own because I’ve got their back! Imagine just walking over to your already set up champagne tower, taking in the moment, getting the best photos, and then getting the party started by poppin’ a bottle of champagne! I’ll take the rest from there.

Setting you up for success on your wedding day, even when it comes to a champagne tower, is what I do best. All I want you to do is ENJOY every moment! Let’s chat today about your wedding dreams and how I can take the stress off of you by making it all come true. Head to my Contact page today! ✨