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We believe that wedding planning should be an adventure, a chance to celebrate your love with laughter, joy, & the great outdoors. Not a stressful list of to-do’s that you just can’t wait to get through. Here at The Wandering Bride, we are all about creating a stress-free and exciting experience that reflects your unique wants for your day. We’re not afraid to get a little wild and infuse your wedding with some serious fun and only the wedding traditions important to you! 

Your Yosemite wedding bestie with over 12 years of experience making mountain magic happen. I’m totally obsessed with creating unforgettable love stories in this jaw-dropping natural wonderland. Seriously, though! Driving through tunnel view and seeing Yosemite Valley NEVER gets old. 

But enough about me, let’s brag about YOU! Because with 4 Couple’s Choice Awards under my belt and features in all the coolest wedding mags, you know I’m a pro at turning your dream wedding into a reality that’ll knock everyone’s socks off… and maybe inspire some serious Insta-worthy moments! 

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Ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace an unforgettable Yosemite wedding? 

Tell us about your wild wedding dreams! We’ll show you how The Wandering Bride can turn them into a reality, with a healthy dose of fun and adventure along the way. Because hey, your wedding should be the most epic party ever – and we’re here to make sure it is!